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Bye losers.

Onward, my carriage!  Make haste to the next town!


Verily these paws don’t touch snow!

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Yay! They look awesome! :) The nice thing about the DW club is that it’s only three months at a time, so you can sign up every once in a while without things getting too out of hand. :)

Hush, you enabler.



if u are about to get stabbed just say “I have too much swagger for the dagger” and they will leave u alone


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Finished socks on Flickr.

The yarn is called Boomtown — part of the Who’s Your Doctor club from NGY. I’m not part of the club anymore for stash control reasons, but knitting socks from 2 of her fabulous yarns in a row is making me itch to re-join.


"Gradiente" by Jocelyn Tunney

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What a fantastic use of gradient yarn.

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